Creative yet cost-effective and eco-frindly paper bags

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We make creative and innovative paper bags

We create paper bags which are eco-friendly and cost-effective. With wide range of paper variery, printing techniques and infrastructure we can deliver quality product in timely manner. We believe in quality and our approach is always to produce the same. Our paper bags are categorized into two segments. One is type of paper and the other is the type of event. We're not done here! We also do bespoke design. We help brands by producing paper bags as they want. No matter what size, paper and type of printing they would need, we always try to reach their epectations.

Eco Frindly and Creative Paper Bags

Showcasing wide range of brown and white kraft paper bags, tinted paper bags, handmade paper bags, premium paper bags. We manufacture beatiful yet sturdy paper bags which carries your brand. These bags are categorized into shopping paper bags, corporate bags, gift bags, premium paper bags, wedding and event paper bags.

Creative Paper Bags that every brand would need

We love startups and hence help them building their brand. Be it an art and craft store, be it a bridal shop or boutique, be it a premium clothing store or a gift store, we have an array of creative and eco-friendly paper bags which will suit eact need.

High Strength Paper Bags to Ensure Re-Usability

With a finest quality paper, Bagsease provide high-strength paper bags. We give full attention to minute details while desigining these paper bags. We always helped (will keep doing the same) in paper selection, printing technique and the handle type which will carry anentire bag. We also consider one more important factor- "Re-Usability". Now, like plastic bags and cloth bags, paper bags can be re-used!

Premium Paper Bags for Brand Enrichment, Exhibitions, Wedding and Gifting

We are expert in manufacturing premium paper bags which gives an exclusive look to the brand. We use high quality printing technique such as matte or gloss lamination, UV Printng, golden or silver embossing which adds a value to the brand and help getting an exclusive look to a paper bag.

Eco-Friendly Paper Bags is Our Motto

Say 'NO' to plastics and demnd for paper bags. Now a days global warming is biggest concern in front of all of us. Hence our team wants to contribute as much as we can. We share this thought with every brand we work with and even with rest of the paper bags suppliers too! We feel that everybody living on this earth should contribute to this society and we are doing it! We encourage you to help us spread the word. Let's make this world a green and better place!

Innovative Paper Bags at an Afforadable Costs

With high-quality print and maixmum strength, we always think about creating uniqueness while designing paper bags. Our team is dedicated to create an innovative eperience of creating paper bags which is driven by exxtra-ordinary creativity and excellent service.

Low Cost Paper Bags To Fit In Your Budget


Brown Kraft Paper Bags

One of the most sturdy paper bags made up from 160 GSM imported brown kraft. These paper bags are widely used in clothing and for general purpose use

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Colored Kraft Paper Bags

Attractive yet strong paper bags made up of 110 GSM white kraft paper with one side colored patch. These paper bags are used in shopping industry and for gifting

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Handmade Paper Bags

These premium paper bags used for high-end packaging and eclusively used in rich boutiues, destination weddings. These elegant paper bags are made up high-stregth handmade papers whichs ranges from 120 GSM to 300 GSM

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White Paper Bags

Stylish and most eperienced paper bags from our collection. As the paper base is white, there is hge possibility to play with bag colors. With lamination, foiling, spot UV printing technniues, these paper bag gets an elagent and rich look

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Designer Paper Bags

The paper bags which are pre-designed and are ready for use. These bags are used from 60 GSM brown kraft and 200 GSM art paper with matte/gloss laminations and can be used for gifting, return gifts, parties, events etc.

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Exclusive Look

We have a team of design experts who can design paper bag exclusively for you which suits your requirement

Trendy Color Combinations

We have an array of colors which can add a value to your brand. Technically, there is no need of printing the bags with brand color. Get the brand color on entire bag and spread the brand!

Out of the box designs

Innovative designs is our forte! Our approach is always towards creating innovative designs and bring some uniqueness into it

High Strength Paper Bags

Quality first! Hence we use high quality paper to ensure the bag's durability. Techniques such as twisted paper handles and base strengthning are used in manufacturing process.

Be-spoke packaging

We, at Bagsease can perform customization of paper bags which is eclusively for you! All you need to tell us your requirement is precise way and sit back. We'll do the rest!

Eco-friendly approach

We put our feet one step ahead to save nature by contributing as much as we can! Help us making this space more greener and better!



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