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An array of creative and eco-friendly paper bags showcased in fine tuned set based on its nature


Most basic yet sturdy paper bags in this particular type of segment! As these paper bags are widely used, they are cost-effective. We, at Bagsease have variety in sizes, printing techniue and handle type. we use 140 GSM to 170 GSM imported brown kraft paper to esnure the look and strength of paper bags. Explore our collection! You will love it!

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We love colors! And hence we introduced all new range of colored paper bags. How about using a branded colored bag, which has a brand color in place? Isn't that a nice idea? Take a look at all available options we have! We gurantee, you will not be disappointed!

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Our exclusive and high-strength paper bags range! These paper bags are famous in our customers due to paper quality and finish. As the name indicates, the paper manuacturing process is itself handmade. Hence the feel of this paper is class-apart. Have a close glance to our exclusie collection of rich paper bags.

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White is considered is most consistent and significant color when it comes in paper bags and used widely like brown kraft paper. The reason being its unique feature of adapting any color ink on its top. You have a all freedom to ink it in the way you want. The result is obvious. Eplore our range of white paper bags!

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This is our most selling category! With the help of our design experts, we've designed paper bags and come up with pre-defined set of designer paper bags which can be used in any function, parties and events. All you need to do is. let us know your requirement, the paper bags will be delivered at your doorstep in a day or two.

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